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Eduvision Video and 
Livestream Solutions

MajorVision is the distributor of the Award-Winning Eduvision video management software, and we cover the U.K. European, Middle Eastern and African region.

TV and Video Production

MajorVision has been producing high-quality video and television since 1988 and pioneered using online digital video editing software and hardware since 1989. 

Consulting and Crisis Media Management
TV Interview

FACT: Bad News Makes Headlines and Public Perception is Reality

"How you respond to the media in a crisis is critical to your career and reputation." - BSV

Livestreaming Solutions

Video, TV, and News Production

Video Asset Management Solutions


MajorVision is a media solution provider based in the UK, and operating in the UK, USA/North America, Europe, the Mediterranean rim, Middle East, and African region.

For over 29 years the company has supplied TV news and factual TV production crews to the BBC and other global broadcasters, and in doing so, became part of the BBC team winning Royal Television Society Awards.

MajorVision is the UKEMA (UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa) distributor for the Award-Winning Eduvision software.  This complete 'TV studio in the cloud’ is the world’s most comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use software solution for managing valuable video assets and Livestream broadcasting.

As experts in video asset management and solutions, our clients rely on us to design, provide 3rd party training, and help them deploy simple and effective strategic management solutions that enable valuable video assets to be used efficiently and effectively.

MajorVision has expertise in sourcing niche news reports from the U.S.A. and Canada for distribution and broadcast in the U.K. and general dissemination in Europe.  The MajorVision team are also experts in creating detailed and dramatic re-enactments for factual general television and documentary productions. 

Drawing upon the wealth of experience gained in producing front-line TV news for broadcasters like the BBC, the MajorVision team also provides a small specialist crisis media management coaching and consultancy service to a limited number of select clients.

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