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Crisis Media Management

FACT: Bad News Makes Headlines and Public Perception is Reality

If a media crisis strikes, will you and your organization appear to be competent, caring, and professional?

Or will the TV News media make you and your organization appear to be incompetent, foolish, and unprofessional?

It is your choice how you wish to be perceived because preparation in advance is your only real way to successfully handling the media in a crisis.

You cannot prepare yourself to face the media after the event has happened, as many seem to think.

Whether you are responding to an event such as a criminal or terrorist attack, a business mistake, or inappropriate or poorly thought-out communications from within your organization, the follow-up PR can make or break the public perception of your leadership and your organization.

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"How you respond to the media in a crisis is critical to your career and reputation."

Brian Sterling-Vete, MD, MajorVision.

Do NOT Let This Be You!


CRISIS: When Wells Fargo, then the largest bank in the USA, was caught creating fake accounts for their customers, the PR failures were epic:

  • A totally unprepared John Stumpf gets hammered by Elizabeth Warren, US Congress (as well as by the media)

  • Stumpf exacerbated the problem by waxing on about the company's great values of honesty, etc.

  • He then blamed the employees for the problem, thereby totally losing any credibility whatsoever.

  • And to top it off, the company gave huge bonuses to the leaders who created this debacle.


Brian Sterling-Vete spent over a decade working with BBC TV News and wrote the highly acclaimed book, Mental Martial Arts.  This system uses the tactics, strategies, and principles of the physical martial arts to gain an advantage over the media during a crisis.

His expertise in how to prepare for any crisis eventuality, and to help handle a crisis should it strike has proved to be invaluable for clients.  These include Superintendent of The City of St. Paul Public Schools, Harley Investments, CellStar Cellular, Brightpoint, and Advantage Cellular. 

Ex Wells Fargo CEO - John G Stumpf

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