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What is Eduvision?

Eduvision by JDL Horizons is the Premier All-in-One Cloud-Based Video Asset Management, Video-on-Demand, and Livestream Solution - If You Use and/or Create Video Then You Need Eduvision. 


MajorVision is the sole distributor of the Award-Winning Eduvision video management software, and we cover the U.K. European, Middle Eastern, and African regions.

Eduvision is a cloud-based software solution that provides both video-on-demand and livestreaming.  However, when compared to other services such as YouTube and Vimeo, that is about as far as the comparison goes.

Eduvision, as the name suggests, was originally devised to deliver secure video and distance learning services to schools and universities, however, since that time it has evolved to become an unparalleled off-the-shelf broadcasting solution, free from 3rd party advertising. 

This award-winning white-label software is now used with confidence by schools, colleges, universities, medical establishments, the US Department of Defense, and a growing number of commercial businesses of all sizes.  Even CCTV companies and CCTV end-users also use this secure and asset management solution to help them remain GDPR compliant while providing the police with critical evidence.

Owning Eduvision is now like owning your own virtual TV network because you can have multiple channels and sub-channels, each with separate multiple levels of administrator rights, all broadcasting 24/7 if you wish. 

You can monetise your videos with pay-per-view options for individual video assets, groups of videos, or even channels.  You can also easily share content within your channels or with other Eduvision users around the world through an advanced yet easy-to-use syndication option, while still maintaining total control over your valuable assets.  You can also attach up to 5 documents with each video.

Your videos and Livestreams have timed broadcasting options so they are available either at all times or only at certain times.  Also, there is easy-to-use advanced schedule viewing to make it easy for your viewers to see what will be available and when - much like having your own commercial TV programming guide.

Eduvision also keeps you operating within the law because Closed Captions on your videos are no longer optional, they are required to meet the WCAG2.0 AA standard.  We provide captions with numerous advanced options including multiple language translations for live and on-demand video to ensure that you remain legally compliant quickly and easily, and for a lot less money than expensive legal fees.

Eduvision has over 200 other important features making it unparalleled, leading the world in innovative distance learning, professional development, online one-to-one and multi-group communications including Zoom, Teams, Go-to-Meeting and Google Meet meetings, virtual conferences, virtual exhibitions, pay-per-view sports events, and Livestreaming for commercial TV networks and Public Broadcasting Services. 

We can also provide a team in the UK, lead by Helen Renee Wuorio, to provide tech support for the MajorVision-JDL Horizons’ Eduvision product on a 24/7 rolling time zone basis in conjunction with teams in the USA and India.

NO other single software solution offers all that Eduvision can give you to help you lead in your field.

If You Use and/or Create Video Then You Need Eduvision.

Clients include:

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