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Livestream Partnership

An increasing number of people, groups, organisations, societies, sporting clubs, and companies are using Livestream TV Broadcasting as a means to reach their traditional and also new audiences.

Unfortunately, many fall-foul and choose to rely on a social media platform such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and even YouTube as their choice of an intermediary to achieve this.

In recent times, we have witnessed how choosing these platforms has been nothing short of catastrophic for those broadcasting.  There have been many reasons why, including the platforms cancelling on them with no recourse.

These platforms almost always crashed many times at

several points during any given broadcast causing obvious

panic solutions to be attempted by those trying to deliver the


Even worse, the latest trend is for these broadcasts to be targeted

by cybercriminals, spammers, and hackers.  One broadcast via

Facebook Live on February 20th, 2021 caused huge embarrass-

ment for those attempting to deliver a broadcast via Facebook

Live from a famous old smugglers inn in Cornwall.  Criminals and

spammers literally swamped the broadcast stealing the credit

card details from many honest viewers to scam them out of

fortunes, and it caused the whole broadcast to be terminated

when it had only just begun.

Aside from the pain and suffering things like this caused

to your viewers, the damage to your reputation combined

with the sheer embarrassment can be devastating to your

professional image.  This is all entirely due to choosing the

entirely wrong platforms to try and deliver what should be

professional and secure broadcast successfully.

MajorVision has a perfect solution in a professional

broadcast platform that is secure, reliable, and proven with well over a million hours of successful Livestream broadcasting in the last decade.

You and your team or organisation can now benefit from partnering with MajorVision for no cost.  Our solution is a professional Livestream broadcast platform for you to reliably deliver your programming to your audience when you want, how you want, and all done securely.

We do this by offering a simple and proven shared revenue solution.

If you have the idea for an event to be broadcast, then provided that the event meets certain benchmarks for success, MajorVision will provide a professional, stable. and reliable broadcast service.   This will enable you to reach your audience, keep control securely, and maintain your reputation.  We can even provide our simple Livestream app for you to deliver successful broadcasts direct from your phone.

Contact us for more information if you have an event idea and we can begin the conversation.

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