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Video Production

MajorVision has been producing high-quality video and television since 1988 and pioneered using online digital video editing software and hardware since 1989. 

The lead cinematographers, producers, directors, and editors have a plethora of experience in productions of all kinds.  Our client list includes F1 (FOCA), The Royal Navy, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 UK, Channel 5 UK, The YMCA, The National Coaching Foundation, Discovery TV (Canada), and Manchester Business School.

Brian Sterling-Vete, MajorVision’ s MD was part of the BBC team winning 4 Royal Television Society awards, personally performed interviews with world leaders at the G-8 Summit meeting in 1998, and was the director/cinematographer (Rick Bayles – producer) for the team which received the Creative Excellence award for best documentary at the US Film and TV Festival in Chicago 2001 for the documentary “Millennium Bridge.”

As always, certain niches are created in life and as such MajorVision now specialises in factual and documentary television, niche news reports, and VNR’s (Video News Releases) produced from the USA/North America for distribution to the UK and the rest of the world.  To help facilitate this, MajorVision International has partnered with America’s leading stream TV broadcaster and facilities house, JDL Horizons strategically based in Minneapolis, MN.


Another niche is in producing exercise and exercise-related videos.  Since a key member of the MajorVision team is also an internationally famous exercise coach, exercise scientist, and published author on the subject with over 22 books about exercise currently in print, the company has the specialist knowledge in-house to produce all kinds of exercise and exercise equipment related videos.

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